Watercolour Paintings

by Elizabeth Braid

Between You and Me
The Easy Quiet Dancing Between Us


16 December, 2020

Today I was awarded the Sawtooth Ari Award for my final body of work for my Honours at UTAS. What an honour! This means I will be working towards a solo show with Sawtooth in 2022. I will keep you posted with my works in progress and dates. I'd love to see you there!


5 December, 2020

I almost fell off my feet last night when Janet Carding, director of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery announced my work, Flow, as joint highly commended alongside Archive, by thee incredible Anne Morrisson in Tidal.20 Art Prize. Congratulations to Janine Combes for here stunning work Kelp Elegy that took out the prize! 


Elizabeth Braid, Flow, Tidal Highly Commended, Watercolour on Paper, 1040x1520mm.

Anne Morrisson

Anne Morrisson and myself in front of her work Archive, photo credit: Jessie Pangas.


My artwork Flow in the Tidal.20 Art Prize. 

7 October, 2020

"Here We Are explores the age old art of storytelling"

A recent article in The Advocate.

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The Advocate

31 September, 2020

Celebration day at Rubicon Grove with a mini exhibition for the residents, a chance for them to bring in family and friends to enjoy the artwork we created for them based on the stories they told us. I very moving experience, I may have cried more than once.



Rubicon Grove Residents viewing their stories. Photo Credit: Lauren McKinnon


Here We Are detail. Photo Credit: Lauren McKinnon


Here We Are detail. Photo Credit: Lauren McKinnon

16 September, 2020

At the Rubicon Grove Aged Care Centre today. I met some amazing people with outlandish tales! It really was a privelidge to sit with some incredible people and just let them take over the storytelling while I sipped on my earl grey tea from a china tea cup and made a couple sketches to represent key moments in their stories.

This one is for Neville and his family seeing their new home, Tasmania, from the sky. 



Here We Are detail. Photo Credit: Lauren McKinnon

11 September, 2020

A sweet article on the Here We Are Project in The Advocate today.

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15 July, 2020

My Honours show at the Academy Gallery is tonight! I'm sorry I can't invite you all because of Covid-19 restrictions. I have four large watercolour paintings on display plus my explorations that have lead me up to this point in the side gallery. It is rather nice to see the work on the walls!


Honours Show 2020


30 March , 2020

I was privileged to be able to attend the Art For Change Residency in Delhi having received the Arts Bridge Grant from Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

The Art for Change International Artist Residency was 2-week opportunity based in New Delhi for eleven international artists to create and learn alongside seven Indian artists in a collective exploration of the 2019 theme “What to do with difference - Art and Artist as Bridge”. This residency explored the reality, challenges, aesthetics, and possibilities of ‘difference,’ in the artist’s life and in a local context—with global implications.  


This residency was a unique opportunity for me. 


It came at a foundational time in my creative practice - halfway through the development of my Honours In Contemporary Art project at UTAS. It was be a chance to ground my learning in experience, a chance to put into practice learnings in an international context amongst a group of supportive, professional creatives from around the world. 


The theme of this year’s residency was of particular interest to me. One element of my creative practice revolves around capturing stories through conversation and I am interested in conversations that hold space for different opinions to be heard. This residency was an exercise in experiential learning in the art of civil conversation and informs my ongoing practice.


It was also unique that this residency was based in India where I spent seven years in my childhood. I had not returned since graduating from high school, 12 years ago and had been looking for an opportunity to reengage for some time. India has played such a formative role in my identity and I relished this opportunity to reconnect in this creative capacity. 

Honours Show 2020

Honours Show 2020

Honours Show 2020

Art For Change

Art For Change Studio Workshop

Art For Change

Art For Change Studio Space

Art For Change

Art For Change Sketch

Shaheen Bagh

Visiting Shaheen Bagh protests.